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International Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking business forum in Latvia

International Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking business forum was held in Jelgava on the 22nd -23rd of February, 2018.

Last year, such a forum was held in Liepaja - focused on Kurzeme region entrepreneurs and investment opportunities in the territory of the Freeport of Liepāja. As the event was a success and gained great interest not only from local entrepreneurs but attracted also international businessmen, the Second Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Business Forum in Latvia was held in Jelgava and gathered 300 representatives from different companies. Also fifty foreigners from 13 countries participated as lecturers in panel discussions and B2B meetings. They spoke not only about export opportunities and cooperation with new partners, but also about the educational opportunities of industry specialists in Jelgava and in general in Latvia as well as the processes and benefits of the implementation of Industry 4.0.


The programme included:

  • The overview about the mechanical engineering of Latvia – statistics, insights, perspectives and challenges of today and beyond;
  • The overview about competitive advantages for establishing the business in Latvia, especially in Jelgava;
  • Panel discussions about the industry trends, proficient education, competent human resources, financial support and co-funding of regional, national and international programmes;
  • Matchmaking event between foreign buyers and the local companies;
  • Networking with the Latvian engineering companies.


The second day of the forum was dedicated to the visits of most successful companies in Jelgava and in the immediate vicinity. The Zemgale Region Human Resource and Competence Development Centre (ZRKAC) Metalworking Training Park (MMP) was also visited by 27 guests, five of which were foreign entrepreneurs. A question that was of interest to all our guests: educational opportunities for company employees - both without background knowledge and with prior work experience and the need to improve professional qualifications. The understanding and readiness of the ZRKAC MMP for Industry 4.0 was also assessed. Also, the visotors apprciated CNC and welding training opportunities and future automation and robotics plan.

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