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Project results presented in Expert workshop on “Aligning on-the-job training in Advanced Manufacturing with the 21st Century needs”

As noted by the European Commission, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMT), including robotics and other forms of automation and material processing devices and machines, are increasing in capability and widening their potential application in SME-friendly manufacturing opportunities, therefore, these developments have direct implications for the skills needs.

 In order to address the emerging challenges of lack of relevant skills in the industry, the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) and the Directorate General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW) of the European Commission have recently launched a new initiative for developing “Curriculum Guidelines for Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMT)” (contract nr. EASME/COSME/2017/004). This initiative aims to contribute to increasing the quality and relevance of existing curricula and to promote better cooperation between industry and education and training organisations in order to align AMT education & training with the 21st Century needs.

 The expert workshop, held in Brussels September 18th gathered together key practitioners, researchers and policy makers active in the field of AMT education & training in Europe, with a particular focus on on-the-job training. Representatives of the Lithuanian Engineering Industry Association introduced how the project Industry 4.0 Challenge: Empowering Metalworkers for Smart Factories of the Future (4CHANGE), funded by European Commission contributes to the improvement of curricula/learning strategies for on-the-job training and VET in the field of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies. You can find the presentation here

 The outcome of the workshop will be used for developing curriculum guidelines for companies active in the AMT domain.